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About Julie

Hi! I'm Julie!

Thank you for visiting my site. I'd love to share the history of Nautilus Goldens, my passion for animals, and how I fell in love with the breed.

My love for animals started at a very young age. My very favorite aunt, as well as a neighbor both bred German Shepherds. The neighbor continues to breed Shepherds to this day, and is also an AKC Judge.

At a young age, I knew I wanted to be a dog owner. I bought my first show dog in 1975. With my entire paycheck of $100, I bought a Saint Bernard, named Angel. By 1980 I became interested in owning a breed known for being more genetically sound. Perhaps a smaller size breed. 

I submerged myself in the industry. I wanted to learn anything and everything I could. During this time, I learned many valuable lessons about showing, training, breeding, and breed type. That's when I bought my first Golden Retriever. He was "Graham" Seaveiw's Nautilus Graham. I went through my fair share of dogs, and more than my share of heartbreak, until "Jade" Am. Can. Bda. Ch. Twin-Beau-D-Nautilus Seastar O.D. came into my life.

That was when it all began. My quest was on to offer the breed all of my expertise to breed correct Golden Retrievers. Jade began a long line of strong bitches to help carry out great breed type.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit with the Nautilus dogs!
-Julie MacKinnon

Read below for more detail about the trophies Jade won as well as Jade, her puppies, and me.




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